Friday, 15 October 2010

Integrating Websphere Message Broker 7.0 with WSRR

One of my recent attempts to configure DefaultWSRR  service object in Websphere Message broker 7.0 to integrate with WSRR hosted in Websphere Application Server 6.1 via IBM HTTP Server 6.1 gave real grief when I started thinking about load balancing and failover. Apparently there is a subscription created every time the service object is intialized so that broker is aware of any changes you make in WSRR. As per IBM documentation we can configure a borker object to a single WSRR instance but this should not be read as one instance as you can still configure it to point it to clustered Websphere Application servers hosting identical WSRR nodes. In this scenario you cannot turn on cacheNotification as a subscription will be created on the node which intializes the broker service object. Steps to configure your service object will be something like below:

mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -c ServiceRegistries -o DefaultWSRR -n    
endpointAddress -v https://%3cvirtualhost%3e/WSRRCoreSDO/services/WSRRCoreSDOPort 
mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -o BrokerRegistry -n brokerKeystoreFile -
v "<Path_Of_Key_Store>"           
mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -o BrokerRegistry -n brokerTruststoreFile
-v "<Path_OF_Trust_Store>" 

mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -c ServiceRegistries -o DefaultWSRR
-n enableCacheNotification -v false
mqsistop <Broker_Name>

mqsisetdbparms <Broker_Name> -n DefaultWSRR::WSRR -u <Broker_User> -p <Broker_Password>

mqsisetdbparms <BrokerName> -n brokerKeystore::password -u <Key_Store_User> -p <Key_Store_Password>

mqsisetdbparms <BrokerName> -n brokerTruststore::password -u <Trust_Store_User> -p <Trust_Store_Password>

mqsisetdbparms <BrokerName> -n jms::DefaultWSRR@jms/SRConnectionFactory -u 
<Broker_User> -p <Broker_Password>

mqsistart <Broker_Name>

If you want to view the settings of DefaultWSRR object you can issue command like :
mqsireportproperties <Broker_name> -c ServiceRegistries -o DefaultWSRR -r 

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