Friday, 15 October 2010

Turning off default_host with Websphere Process Server 7.0

Its always a good practice to turn off default host on Websphere application server if you are using http server. To do this you need to remove all the ports other then <Ip/SystemName:443 or 80>. If a request is made to the server then actual request address is preserved in HTTP headers and its used by container to resolve to a host. This secure you from any one trying to access your assets directly to websphere environment and every thing has to be routed to webserver first. But with Websphere Process server there is an internal application call Remote Application Loader (RemoteAL) deployed on each cluster (considering you are running a cluster topology). This application is accessed by contaners on <virtualHost>:9443 and I have still not figured how to change the container settings to point it to my webserver URL. The container always call the application local to the server container itself is running so we do not have to worry about load balancing or high availability the containers access is managed via webserver. But this leaves with one problem to leave default_host port 9443 but that would have meant other application bound to default_host can still be accessed directly. So we cared another virtual host by name RAL_HOST with 9443 and 443 port and bound RemoteAL application (on each cluster) to this host and left all other application bound to default_host which had 0nly 443 port.

It will be good to figure out how to route this call via webserver even if its not a requirement which is something I am currently working on.

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