Friday, 15 October 2010

IPC_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS in Websphere Process Server 7.0

Apparently there is a bug in Websphere Process Server 7.0 which can make your server environment unstable. Our problem was more around response time of Business Space. The bug rleates to default IPC_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS port which doesn't get define if you have created your servers with manageprofile command or used deployment environment to create servers. You will need manually define the port. Below is the command to create the port defination.

*Note change the port value if there is a conflict :)

                       AdminConfig.create('EndPoint', AdminConfig.create('NamedEndPoint',serverEntry , '[[endPointName "IPC_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS"]]'), '[[port "9633"] [host "localhost"]]')

*Note serverEntry is list of servers in a given node. You can get list of servers like this:

AdminConfig.list('ServerEntry', AdminConfig.getid( '/Cell:%s/Node:%s/' % ( AdminControl.getCell(), <Name_OF_Your_Node>) )).split(java.lang.System.getProperty('line.separator'))

*Note the above command also returns nodeAgent on the given node which should have IPC port already defined so do not run it for you NodeAgent

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