Wednesday, 24 November 2010

changing import binding endpoint of a SCA module

One of the requirements of application deployment modules was to change import bindings when we deploy in different environment. Like if a BPM process is calling external services then the endpoint of these services need to change for every environment. Here is how you can change binding endpoint using wsadmin and jython:

#This will get you list of all SCA modules in the connected environment
#Now iterate through the SCA modules to get to he module you are interested in
for scaMod in scaModList:
        scaImports = []
       #This will get you list of all imports for the module
        scaImports=AdminTask.listSCAImports("[-moduleName " +scaModNames[0] + "]").split(System.getProperty('line.separator'))
#Now iterate through all imports  to get to the import you are interested in
for scaImport in scaImports:
  #Now get the actual binding
   binding=AdminTask.showSCAImportBinding("[-moduleName " +scaModNames[0] + " -import " +scaImport + "]") 
# Check if binding is actually webservices binding
if binding.find ("WsImportBinding")!=-1:
# Check if the binding is the one you want to change
if bindingAtr[0].find("yourBinding Name"):
 #change the binding
AdminTask.modifySCAImportWSBinding("[-moduleName " +scaModNames[0] +" -import " +  scaImport + " -endpoint " + YourNewBindingEndPoint+ " ]")

Again its just an example and you probably want to check lot many exception situations like index is correct for all split output etc. The idea is to list all the commands you need to change the binding endpoint and you can probably build your application logic around it

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