Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Get Display Name of your EAR file in Jython to deploy on Websphere Application Server

As part of my current project to automate deployment of Websphere Process Server modules and Websphere Application server I decided to concatenate the target cluster name (We are running a multiple cluster topology) and build version with Application name delivered by developers in the archive. This is to make operational guys aware of the target by just looking at the display name of the application.

We all know we can pass the a new name while deploying using AdminApp.install to override the name specified in archive. What was little tricky is to get the current name specified in the application. I wrote this method to get an archive's display name

import zipfile
def getAppNameFromArchive(filepath):
 # This is little crude way of reading
 # a xml but it works and less costly then
 # using a DOM parser just to get a single key
 start_string = "<display-name>"
 end_string = "</display-name>"
 if (filepath.endswith(".jar")) | (filepath.endswith(".ear")):
  # read the zipfile
  zf = zipfile.ZipFile(filepath, "r")
  #Get the list of files in the zipfile
  for name in nl:
   #Check if application.xml is present in the archive
   #The loop will run for as may files in archive but I
   # am sure there will be only one application.xml or
   #you can even change it to include META-INF//application.xml
   if (name.lower().find(("application.xml")) != -1):
    appxml =
    start_index = appxml.find(start_string) + len(start_string)
    end_index = appxml.find(end_string)
    appname = appxml[start_index:end_index]
 return appname

I know closing tags are not required in Jython but its just my style of coding so forgive me for that. I can now use the appname and concatenate whatever I need to and pass it to to AdminApp.install as appOptions.

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